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Upbeat Denim For Spring/Summer 2012

Friday, February 3rd, 2012
Authored by: rebel_chic


Spring forward to a brighter season with the latest denim additions to Manhattanite. Choose from a muted eggplant to vibrant bursts of blues and reds this Spring/Summer 2012 as it promises to be a kaleidoscopic adventure for those who seek it.

The signature Siwy styles, Hannah and Camilla have been updated with trendy pops of colors. Those who are familiar with this brand should have no trouble at all finding a perfect shade.  For I, myself have fallen for the Hannah in “Honeymoon”, a luxurious and playful take on a neutral hue.

Feeling a bit quirkier than usual? Then Blank denim’s tangerine spray-on skinnies might just be the winner. The skin tight fit comes with a good amount of stretch, encouraging easy movements to keep the wearer comfortable and positive as the color represents.

There’s a subtle option for those who are not sure if they can handle all the attention in such sprightly wear. M2F Denim’s aesthetically vintage jeans may just be your cup of tea. Their stonewashed denim come in inky purples, traditional blues and lusterless red. It could be your little way of taking part in this season’s positive take with color.