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Bohemian Flair

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
Authored by: rebel_chic


The latest additions to the Manhattanite shop are flowered with hints of  bohemian influences. From Wildfox’s screen printed shirts featuring feather graphics to J.J. Winters easy-to-wear suede fringed bags, there is no excuse not to adopt a liberating attitude to dressing right now.

Not only is the J.J. WInters suede fringe bag a strong piece towards bohemian style, it can easily be adapted for a country and western look. There is a perfect day-time everyday version in taupe and also a mini version available in both taupe and navy, which I find suitable for both day and night. The best part is, both styles are perfectly priced so you won’t feel the pinch while having just saved yourself from a exhausting hunt for the perfect simple suede fringed bag.

Whilst the light blue hues of Siwy denim’s latest offerings in the hannah style are easily the first pieces to go to, especially with dreamy wash names like “fall in love” and “first love” to set the mood; I had felt that the boot-cut style “Harley” would add a more natural aura around the look. The best thing is, most of the Harley washes are now on sale and I have found myself inclining towards the light washes “Freedom” and “Lilt”.

Picture Alessandro Ambroiso in the Wildfox Light Feather Boy Tank in Heathe Gray, J.J. Winters Suede Fringed Bag in Taupe and Siwy Harley Jeans in Lilt with a pair of plain Havaianas for the perfect example of this carefree look that I have in mind right now. Now pick your bohemian-flavoured piece and live free today!