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Perfect Shade of Grey

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic


Photo above, property of Siwy Denim (taken from Siwy Denim’s Facebook)

Sometime in 2004, supermodel and trendsetter Kate Moss started sporting the grey “frayed misfit” jean by Australian label, Sass & Bide, which quite literally turned the small Aussie designer from a little secret to very big news. ¬†High street stores were suddenly packed with super skinny grey jeans as well, to accommodate fans of another new trend that Kate Moss has started.

I am certainly no blind follower to trends but the grey jean have been around quite a bit since then, no longer as a trend from 2004, but falling into the same comfort zone as your usual denim blues.

For me, grey is my favourite colour for jeans. It makes the other colours in your outfit stand out better and since it’s less common than your usual blue jean, I always felt a bit more different, perhaps even better in them.

I am also quite specific about the shade of grey jeans there is to offer on the market. It seems that the most flattering shades tend to be around the mid-grey section. If it is too dark, you can’t see the contrast with the rest of your outfit well and if it is too light, it just adds more weight to where you don’t like.

Now the 2010 Kate has been seen strutting around town in her new Siwy grey jeans, suitably named One Love. This is a light-medium grey looking jean with graduated dark grey contrast closer to the seam which very kindly hides away the sins (if any). Trust Kate Moss to show me the perfect shade of grey which I have been looking for, yet again!