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My Concert Outfit & Current Obsession

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic


A few weeks ago I went to an awesome outdoor concert dressed like that! This was me in the changing room after work, swapping a skirt for my new Siwy camilla shorts in Fascination wash, which at the moment are my favourite shorts. I have been wearing them on the weekends ever since I got them almost a month ago! They are great for lazy summer days when you just want to put on a loose tank or shirt on, the crazy dip dyed print just makes the entire outfit less dull. I definitely got a lot of stares wearing them and love it!

On the other hand, I am rather smitten with this Chrissy L attraction ring at the moment. I love the look of uneven glass stones together, it reminds me of how much we forget about nature sometimes. It makes me miss the beautiful cliffs back where I used to live in Swansea in the UK. To have it on my finger would probably become a permanent fixture. I do get attached to jewellery, like the crucifix that I am wearing in my outfit above.


Hey Stud, Wessex is in Stock!

Monday, May 17th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

wessexI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … I love studs! I really do. They add an element of toughness and style to the most casual and comfortable garments. I pretty much live in leggings and tee shirts. In fact these days, I get pretty upset if I have to wear anything but just that.  That being said, just because I want comfort doesn’t mean I don’t want style. That is why I was super excited to see that Mahattanite is now carrying Wessex.

These black studded leggings by Wessex are to die for. So rocker-chic, so awesome, so me, so mine as soon as I get paid :) If studded leggings are too much for you then you really should give this studded tank top a spin. Its simple but ornate enough to wear out to dinner on a Friday night.

Shop for Wessex right now on Manhattanite.

Don’t Wash Your Siwys, please?

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic


I have been raving so much about Siwy Denim for the past few posts that I just had to continue the trail with Michelle Siwy’s advice on the best way to treat your pair of Siwys. This is for those whose obsession with Siwy is just as unhealthy as mine and want to make your denim accustomed solely to yourself.

Michelle’s advice is pretty simple, “Its best not to wash them for six months. The salt from your skin will soften it and make them your own. If you need to refresh, spot treat and dry with dryer sheets. Then after, wash inside out, cool with a non-abrasive soap like lingerie detergent and hang in the sunshine to dry.”

It might sound a bit crazy not to wash your denim for six months but from personal experience, my hand washed pair of the Camilla shorts just do not look the same as the pair that I have allowed self-cleaning by drying under natural sunlight. I also found that the more often you wear them, the softer and more comfortable they get and not washing them maintains the intended look and keeps them looking more relaxed as well. Monitoring how the jeans mould into your very own is almost like art, something that no one can replicate. The process, you can say is actually rather beautiful. 

My Siwy’s have always been more than just clothing to me, perhaps like an extension of myself now. I live most of my weekends in them and they remind me of a more carefree, lazy and easy-going part of life. It just makes sense to also clean them as naturally as possible and to wear them so frequently till they start to soften into the contours of your own body. I hope Michelle Siwy’s advice was as useful for you as it has been for me.

Double Rings Rule

Sunday, May 9th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

6a00e5504d1b2f88330128756fab32970c-800wiI had been intrigued by the two-finger ring for quite some time. About six months ago I found one at Forever 21. I know, Forever 21 is knock-off city but I wanted to see if I liked wearing one before spending more than $3.80. Well turns out I like the double ring quite a lot. In fact, I wear it almost everyday (its very comfortable). However, because I am so tired of my fingers turning green — I have decided its time for a double ring upgrade.

The best and only option for me is Erica Anenberg. As far as I know, Erica started the trend. My personal favorite is the ‘Cosmo Sparkle’, which is 14k gold plated and have swarovski crystals on it. Gorgeous and it’s only $100. If you aren’t into bling there are plain options too for $80.

A Must Have Travel Companion

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


Can I start by saying that I love simple but genius products. I do. I really do. Whenever I travel I always bring along one of those cute fabric laundry bags. I bring all of my clean underwear in them, then I empty them out, and then I slowly add the dirty ones in place of the clean ones. I’m sure you are very familiar with that process. However, and maybe it’s just me, the system doesn’t seem perfect. I don’t want my clean underwear just wandering around my suitcase while the dirty ones get to chill in the awesome little bag. Right?

Well than you Dogeared for this helpful solution. A bag that has two compartments — one for clean and one more dirty. It add awesome to genius, the bag has cute little illustrations on them so you can easily tell which pair goes where.

How bad do you want one? I want one REALLY bad.

Kendra Scott Summer Jewelry

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


When it comes to fashion, I am a fall girl at heart. I just love dark colors and layering but in the summer that look simply won’t do. What does get me excited about summer is jewelry. Natural forms such as rocks and stones, and vibrant colors really get my summer mood brewing.

The jewelry by Kendra Scott on Manhattanite definitely got me in that summer state of mind. I love, love, love the turquoise set of bangles. The bangles are the perfect combination of that island girl and hippie chick.  I also love the Danielle earrings by Kendra Scott, they have yacht luxury written all over them.

Best part about her jewelry is that it is totally affordable. Shop for it on Manhattanite today!