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Master Festive Relaxation with a Caftan

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
Authored by: Crosby

Maybe it’s my inner collegiate still expecting her Spring Break, but I’ve got vacations on my mind. It goes something like, clear calm waters, a selection of VC Andrews novels, and a tiny wifi enabled hut on the beach that comes with a spout that alternates sangria and lime beer. Of course, this fantasy also includes daydreams of silver bikinis, batik scarves, over-sized opalescent shades and a new, island-inspired scent  (I have been known to put on suntan oil just to feel closer to the land of sandy bliss). Also packed into my vision is this striped, Sofia by ViX Marley Caftan Coverup, the perfect thing to toss on after a hard day of doing absolutely nothing in the sun. Who’s with me?

Fluxus Movement

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010
Authored by: Birdie

Fluxus screams wearability, mobility, movement and style.  It’s your inner-city art movement.  It’s the beat generation in jersey.  Fluxus incorporates “simple but tactile materials such as jersey cotton, tri-blend and the signature hand of the burnout in avant-garde shapes and cuts for men and women.”  The look has an instant bohemian urbanite edge, putting a modern spin on age old ideals – blurring the line between artistic genres.

Manhattanite carries a large selection of Fluxus goods and in the event that your wallet is looking a little lighter than usual, there’s a whole boatload of pieces marked down.  Here are some of the gorgeous goods I’ve got my eye on:

Wear the Fluxus Button Corset over the Graphic Burnout Pocket Tank for an edgy artist look.  Pair it with skinny jeans and giant boots for added effect.

Alternately try the Fluxus Peep Hole Dress for a night out.  Top it with the Fluxus Ruffle Scarf to sweeten the deal.

Slouchy boots and a beret make this beatnick-bombshell look complete.

If you’re still feeling winter wherever you are, one of these sweaters is sure to put a little spring in your step.

Either look can be paired with longer gloves (bonus points if they’re fingerless for freedom of movement) for a quick fix to those still-chilly mornings.  They’d both look amazing with leggings, or dark skinny denim.

You can tell, I’m totally smitten with these designs – the look is perfect for the rainy Northwest, your bohemian lifestyle, urban uprising, and any art genre.