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Hot to Top: Lauren Moshi Bow Piper Tee

Sunday, March 28th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


Lauren Moshi tops have always been a favorite of mine. The illustrations are amazing and they are really comfortable to wear. I always lean more towards Lauren’ edgier designs but there is something about this sweet little bow tee that is completely awesome to me. Perhaps its because its been 80+ degrees for the past few days (in Los Angeles) that is getting me into spring fever/spring wardrobe mode … Whatever is it, this shirt is amazing.

Wear it with white cutoff shorts in the summer or if you can’t wait and want to wear it now, try it with black leggings and a leather jacket — that’s probably how I would wear it.

Buy it now on Manhattanite for $90

Siwy Shorts, a clear summer essential

Friday, March 26th, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic

Here at Manhattanite, its clear that Siwy denim is very well loved by all our bloggers and staff alike, and Spring/Summer 2010 brings in more reasons why we still won’t be able to stop raving about this romantic denim label.


The Siwy Camilla is once again re-invented in many new washes but its the vintage “Stardust” wash that really caught my eye. Faded to perfection without really having the re-visit the bad 80s acid wash, it is cleverly finished with a subtle amount of studs that compliment the look without making it look “punk”. Wear it with whatever you choose, I’m sure it would give your outfit an extra ooomph, thanks to the nonchalant feel.

The other studded pair in Gypsy features bright gold studs which offsets the dark indigo wash, bound to catch a lot of specific attention on the lower half of your body. This is my favourite wash to wear for the evening with some earthy coloured wedge heels.

Summer is almost here and I’m pretty sure anyone would be happier with a perkier ass in this siwy denim shorts, running along the beach or walking down the city with that little twinkle in the eye because there is just something unspoken but special about this denim label that will keep you coming back for more and more. I know I am definitely a sucker for them.

Manhattanites choose SPUN: Organic Cotton Clothing

Monday, March 22nd, 2010
Authored by: Ashe Mischief

In the wake of my excitement over the arrival of Tarina Tarantino jewelry, I find that Manhattanite is keeping my spirits and excitement up with the arrival of Spun organic clothing.  Spun is one of my favorite independently owned clothing companies, with a bright, visionary young woman owning and operating it (along with designing all of those great separates!).

My favorite Spun piece is the Diane wrap dress— I have one in Midnight blue that I wear constantly.  It never ceases to make me feel sexy, confident, and comfortable.  It’s super easy to dress up and dress down, and it’s an essential part of my work and play wardrobe.

I can’t help but eyeball the low v-necks as well.  The Tibetan blue is so vibrant– a great, casual addition to the Spring wardrobe, and a steal at $40 (especially for organic cotton & made in the USA!).

Psychedelic Chic

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010
Authored by: Birdie

I stumbled across the blog this morning to find Ashe’s post about the Tarina Tarantino jewelry at Manhattanite right now.   I literally almost jumped out of my seat.  Tarina’s baubles are totally fun and I immediately headed to Polyvore to create fun outfits to go with them.

Everything that drew my eye had a psycheldelic-rock chic feel when I paired it up – a little glam rock here, some weekend bohemia there…  I mean, hippies are out out, but that tye-dyed bohemian look is still hot when given an ultra-modern twist.

I love the way it looks layered under a blazer or cute bomber jacket, or and it takes on a new flavor with a shredded tee and some killer heels.  Check out these modern spins on this psychedelic favorite featuring  some of Tarina Tarantino’s arm candy.

Manhattanite black

Go for that modern glam-rock look; sleek, with a few bright baubles to catch the eye.  Always the girl on the go, pick up a svelte little day planner to keep your busy life organized, and hide it in an oversized bohemian-fringed bag.  This look has a “saucy artiste” feel, and without being overly pretentious it’s sure to turn heads.

From Manhattanite

A little more playful and flirty, this look packs a little more punch with a punch-colored bag by C.C. Skye.  The leather bomber gives this look a harder edge, but with the sleeves pushed up to a 3/4 length, you’ve got room to adorn yourself.  Pick bright lucite bracelets from Tarina Tarantino and this ultra-chic broken mirror bracelet from C.C. Skye.  A rolled-up boyfriend jean gives this look a weekend feel – for an afternoon of shopping, or an evening of drinks.

I love that tye-dye look paired with the bright colors of Tarina T’s jewelry.  Give a modern edge to your tye-dye to make it wearable in this millennium.