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Tarina Tarantino Now at Manhattanite!

Thursday, February 25th, 2010
Authored by: Ashe Mischief

Imagine a girl and her morning routine: a mug of jasmine green tea (for a boost of antioxidants), striped pajamas, sunshine pouring in the windows, a fluffy cat, and browing Shop Manhattanite before work.   She clicks on the New Arrivals link only to see the bedazzled and sparkling babbles and bijouxes of New York’s own Tarina Tarantino shining up at her.

I knew Manhattanite wanted to start carrying Tarina’s line, but I wasn’t sure if that magic would be happening.  So it was a magical surprise to find the site littered with her pieces, including these sparkling and basic lucite bracelets.  I love them for the vibrant colors and stackability– how playful and sexy are they when worn in multiples?  At $38 a pop, it’s easy to spring for an armful, too (available in jet black, crystal, emerald, black diamond, fuschia, and grape. I’m eyeing the black, crystal, and fuschia, myself, though I do love them all).
tarina tarantino, tarina tarantino lucite bracelet, lucite bracelet, plastic bracelet
tarina tarantino, tarina tarantino lucite bracelet, lucite bracelet, plastic bracelet

Her collection of crystal flower earrings are amazing as well– I love imaging the studs on my teenage nieces and the drop earrings adorning my own ears.

tarina tarantino, tarina tarantino crystal flower earrings, crystal flower earrings, purple flower earrings, purple crystal earrings, tarantino crystal earrings

tarina tarantino, tarina tarantino crystal flower earrings, crystal flower earrings, purple flower earrings, purple crystal earrings, tarantino crystal earrings

How about you sparkling Manhattanite-rs? Are you Tarantino fans too? Loving this collaboration?

High Society Tailored Denim: Kasil

Friday, February 12th, 2010
Authored by: Birdie

Let’s preface this post with the fact that my work attire is business casual. With all the choices out there, one might think business casual would be an easy wardrobe to build. This isn’t the case though, when it comes to bottoms – I need something besides the standard skinny jean or legging.  I need something that is polished, not distressed. Business casual invokes the image of something chic, that can be dressed up or down.  It’s what Kasil does best.

Manhattanites has just what I’ve been looking for, but have been unable to find: Kasil.  Kasil’s jeans are gorgeous – what designer, David Lim calls “painting with denim”. The extreme blues make other washes pale in comparison and the cut reflects the company’s “High Society Tailoring” background.

Kasil Hepburn Trouser

Kasil Tribecca Trouser

Kasil Tribecca Trouser

Either of these trousers would be perfect, paired with a long button-down and a well-cut suit vest. It’s a look that easily transitions from work to happy hour when paired with the right shoes, and some great jewelry.

The extreme colors are reflected in Kasil’s other styles – the Olivia Jean is the perfect color in a versatile boot cut, and the Stevie Jean is a sexy dark-wash, slim-fit – more versatile and comfortable than the standard skinny. This is your casual Friday meets smokey-eye, weekend sex-kitten look.

Kasil Stevie

Kasil Stevie

The designer’s style screams vintage inspiration – in color and composition. Nothing is more apparent than the way the line is named: Benetar, Hepburn, Stevie. The high thread count quality and wash techniques are sure to build character every time a pair of Kasil jeans is worn.

Denim is alive! Denim fades, wrinkles and creases over time the more you wear. Random holes and rips that suddenly appear are all natural characteristics of your jeans.

That’s the beauty of denim, each hole, rip, crease, wrinkle, dirt, or paint that has become of your favorite pair is a story that is told within your life.

~ David Lim

Chains & Studs from Cecilia De Bucourt

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


I am so happy that chains, studs, and hardware trend is still cool because that’s totally my kind of trend. The more hardware something has, the better. With that being said, you know I am excited about Cecilia De Bucourt’s newest pieces on Manhattanite.  They are like the epitome of tough-girl-sexy-chic.

I am drooling over the endless possibilities that the Square Stud Vest in Grey Tie Dye has to offer. It’s the perfect addition to the simplest outfit. Jean + tee shirt + vest = boom, you’re done and you’re awesome too. You could also slip it over a little black dress and then add a boyfriend blazer on top of that for a unexpected masculine/feminine mash-up.

If you are the going out type of girl, then you may want to invest in the Dripping Chains Top. You can totally go all crazy with it by pairing it with shorts-shorts and thigh high boots (I did say crazy). Or you could keep it clean with a basic pair of black skinny jeans and heels. Either way, you can’t really go wrong.

Shop for Cecilia De Bucourt now>>

Jeggings are the new leggings.

Saturday, February 6th, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic


Warning! Do not cross these waters unless you are absolutely sure that you are the right shape for this fairly new trend item that we like to call the “jegging” or “pull-on jeans”. Gyspy 05 has developed a legging that looks like a jegging whereas in actual fact, jeggings are more like denim leggings. Am I confusing you?

Well, these leggings that you see in the picture are actually just faux denim leggings, which put them right in the middle of a pair of leggings and a jegging. Personally I wouldnt recommend heading out the house wearing leggings, a la Sienna Miller but if you really have to, these Faux Denim Leggings by Gyspy 05 are a better alternative, especially with the slight hint of jean stitching to cover up any visible “camel toe”, which is the biggest fashion faux pas when it comes to wearing the legging.

Not usually a fan of wearing leggings on their own, I am quite tempted to try this new trend as I know how comfortable these really are. I would also reccomend them for working out at the gym and yoga.

Sneak Preview Part 1: Siwy Spring Collection 2010

Saturday, February 6th, 2010
Authored by: rebel_chic

Brace yourself ladies, for Manhattanite is about to update the store with Siwy’s Spring Collection. I got pretty excited when I first saw the images I must admit, there were just too many to not deny myself of! If you are a big fan of the Hannah slim crop styles like me, you’d be pleased to know that there are even more great washes coming up.

The dip-dyed ones have caught my attention most especially and these are the ones that will possibly be on your covet list too.


The distinct black and white faded wash is called “Fascination” and is a more interesting alternative if you are after a pair of black jeans. However, I find myself gearing up towards the pink-ish grey wash “Lovesick” since I’m more of a grey jeans fan myself, and its got the same colours of a sequined crop top that I have in my wardrobe. There is just something so elusively attractive about the hint of white, pink and grey combination that I cannot get over.

If you are not such a big fan of dip-dyed and full-length jeans itself, Manhattanite has updated two styles of the Camilla jean shorts in store earlier this week, also from the Spring collection!

Siwy Camilla in Surrender

Siwy Camilla in Jet

Part 2 coming up soon!

Rebel Chic x

Don’t Cut Me Off … Or Do!

Friday, February 5th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

cut-offsI have always found it difficult to spend money on cut-off shorts. Every time I was faced with the opportunity to purchase a pair I would think to myself “why spend money when I could just make a pair myself.” Then I would leave the store, go home, and perform fashion surgery on a pair of my own jeans. Without fail, I would mess them up. Every single time. Sure I went to college for fashion design and should be able to successfully amputate a pair of jeans, right? Wrong. Apparently.

As it turns out, there is a science to creating the perfect pair of cut-offs. Lucky for us (and the jeans in our closets), Siwy has figured it out. For $158 you can save yourself the drama of ruining a perfectly good pair of pants. And you can also walk around looking like a total hottie because these shorts are perfection. I have been living in my Siwy skinny jeans for months (I have 4 pairs and counting) and come summer time I will be living in Siwy shorts.

Available now: Siwy cut-offs in jet and Siwy cut-offs in surrender. Each for $158