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When in Rome

Friday, January 29th, 2010
Authored by: Ashe Mischief

While New York is preparing for Fashion Week, in the South we are preparing for Mardi Gras.  Then I realized how women in both cities could use a good survival kit and Manhattanite is here to provide it.

Top 5 picks for baring Fashion Week or Mardi Gras:

1. Back-up shoes.  From romping around the city, to standing in lines, and dancing, no vixen will make it all day in those sky high stilettos.  Bring a pair of Aftersoles or CitySlips roll up ballet flats to swap out.  Both pairs roll up snug and small, so they take up minimal room in your mini-sized bag.  CitySlips also come in a bag that you can throw your stilettos in to after swapping in to your more comfortable shoes.

2. Hair Powder.  Great from going from that late night party to getting up early and those days you don’t have time for a shower!– hope from bed to out the door quickly for conferences or to catch the next parade.  I love Cake hair & body powder– and it’s available for darker hues and lighter hues.

3. Umbrella. Again, we’re going for minimum size in your mini bag, so I’d recommend the Travel Size Umbrella in Perch.  Sweet and stylish, so you won’t get embarrassed by its appearance or by getting caught in a thunderstorm.

4. Notebooks. What girl goes to fashion week with a place to jot down notes, ideas, reactions, and epiphanies about the collections?  What girl goes to Mardi Gras with paper for passing out and collecting the numbers of all the beautiful men (or women!) in the city?  Be chic and stylish with this Andy Warhol In Style Journal or this adorable chocolate stripes mini journal.

5. Headbands.  When done right, an instant stylin’ accessory and easy way to keep your hair out of your face.  Make sure your locks don’t get in the way when you can get that amazing photograph of Anna Wintour or from missing the jump for the best swag on the float.  I love this Head Dress Raw Silk Headband and, of course, this Lauren Moshi one.

What about you, New Yorkers? Anything you consider a must for Fashion Week that would due double duty for your weekend adventures during Carnivale?

AfterSoles – Rollable, Portable Ballet Flats = Genius

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


I’m a heels girl, all the way, but there are times when flats are totally necessary. For example, when I’ve been running around in heels all day and my feet feel like they could fall off of my ankles. In those instances, flats aren’t really handy because well, I’m already wearing heels. D’oh!

That is why these flats are so flippin’ genius. You can roll them up and keep them in your purse. For reals, these shoes were made for me or something. I’ve got to have a pair in every color. Best part is, I can have a pair in every color because these shoes are only $22 a pair. Amazing!!

Some other hot spots where you can keep your handy flats (they roll up to the size of a cell phone) include; your travel bag, carry on bag, evening bag, your desk or the glove compartment of your car.

Are you convinced yet? If you are, shop for them now>>

Boob Tube For Your Boobs

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


Don’t you just love how (fashionably speaking) there is a solution to every problem? It seems like for every possible wardrobe malfunction, there is a solution. The latest solution comes from Miss Oops. It’s called the Boob Tube.

The Boob Tube makes your most inappropriate pieces, suddenly appropriate by concealing your cleavage with a comfortable band of fabric. To me, this handy contraption makes it super easy to go from work to play. For example if you have a hot date right after work and you want to show off your assets, rip off that boob tube once the clock stricks 5pm and you are all set.

Genius, right? But it now at Manhattanite for a cool $25.

Lauren Moshi: Some Bunny to Love

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
Authored by: Crosby

One of my favorite books as a wee lass was a little book called Runaway Bunny, written by Margaret Wise Brown. In the book, a baby bunny is telling his mother bunny of all the places he will go, and the mother bunny responds with how she will go and find him and bring him back home. It ends when the bunny realizes he might as well stay at home, and mother bunny tells him to have a carrot.

This book immediately sprung to mind the minute I caught eyes on this adorable bunny sweater by Lauren Moshi (there’s a bunny tank too!)  I might swap out the garters for a pair of black jeggings, but ladies, no matter where we may travel, it’s good to have reminders of home and of the things that take us back there – and what does that better than a bunny?


Cut Me Up. Rip Me Up.

Friday, January 22nd, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


I find it rather hilarious that I spend money on ripped up and cut up clothing, but I do … and I like it. My experience with ripped up clothing actually started with David Lerner (his garments are pictured above). I purchased the half ripped leggings last month and I love them.

The thing about David Lerner’s clothing is that the material is so darn soft and comfortable and at the same time its tight enough to hold you in (like Spanx). The two new pieces from David that are pictured above are perfect for night and day. The dress for a night out on the town (just add killer shoes and a smile) and the top works well for a daytime look with jeans.

Get em while they are still available at

David Lerner cut out dress, $200

David Lerner ripped top, $89

The Only Loubis I Can Afford Right Now

Monday, January 18th, 2010
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

loubi lauren moshiEvery single time I get a little extra cash, I tell myself that I am going to put it towards a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Well, that never happens. Either I get smart and decide that I shouldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on shoes or I have to pay one of those pesky bill things.


Now I can have my Loubi fix without going cash poor. Lauren Moshi has come out with a fun little swing top that pays homage to Christian Louboutin shoes. Sure, you can’t wear it on your feet like you would with a real Louboutin, but you can wear it and without breaking the bank! This stylish shirt is under $100. Try finding Louboutins for a price like that!

Lauren Moshi ‘Loubi’ swing top, $90

Baby it’s Cold Outside (So Always Keep These On You!)

Monday, January 18th, 2010
Authored by: FashionPulse


Tissues are an absolute must in colder weather – you can’t help but needing one practically every time you head outside and are in the cold for more than five minutes. There’s no reason why pulling a tissue out of your bag can’t be as fashionable as everything else in your life — thanks to Sniff, you can choose from a variety of chic, funny, and adorable tissues for your schnoz.  Although my favorites are the leopard print Sniffs, you can find a pack to suit your fancy, or give as a gift to your friends. The tissues come in packs of six, with each pack containing 10 unscented 4-ply tissues. Perfect to keep a pack stashed everywhere – on yoru desk, in your handbag, in your coat pocket – you name it!

Are your PJ’s giving you the yawns? Time to upgrade

Friday, January 15th, 2010
Authored by: Crosby

I’ve gotten into a bit of a bad habit. It’s called sleep in what you wore to work minus a few layers (leggings and a tank) or reach into the “sleepwear” bin and pull out whatever is on top. Recently this meant a pair of x-large red snowflake flannel bottoms and a faded yellow tank. Not acceptable, especially when Manhattanite has so many adorable things to romp around in come bedtime, and some are even on sale (tack on an extra 20% off if you are reading this before 1/18 with code SALE20).

Personally I can’t get enough of the Scanty Bucky Tunic Top and matching shorts – because the fun print has two of my favorite things – skulls and argyle. That’s enough to give me a giggle prancing about come morning with a steaming cup of coffee (yeah right, when do I ever wake up in enough time to actually make the coffee!) Plus if you squint your eyes, the skulls almost look like pandas  – do you see it? Or am I hallucinating from exhaustion?

Coming in at a close second is the PJ Salvage Animal Instinct Leopard combo, which is sure to put anybody in the mood for some quality cuddling/canoodling – sleeping isn’t always about sleeping, you know. Le blush.

Think Summertime, or Think Party!

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010
Authored by: FashionPulse

picture-7Although it is absolutely too chilly in NYC to go outside in just this Amanda Uprichard Ruffle Mini Dress in Hunter, $135.80 (was $194), that doens’t mean that you can’t get it now (since it’s on sale!) and save it for the summer, or get it, pair it with opaque tights and a sparkly cardie, and wear it to a cocktail hour event or party. I love the rich emerald shade of the dress, which actually works well for the winter months, and the bare shoulders are just asking to be adorned in a cute black bolero (for winter, you can go in an ultra-luxe fabric, like velvet of even lace). Or how about styling the dress with some layered fishnets hosiery and suede grey booties? Or even a tailored black blazer with scrunch sleeves, a long, multi-strand chain neckalce, and equestrian-style boots? When you start thinking about it, actually, it’s perfect for getting dolled up this winter!

New Year’s Resolutions – Keep them with You!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010
Authored by: FashionPulse

It seems that more often than not, people make New Year’s Resolutions and have every intention of keeping them. By February however, they begin to wax and wane and by March, are practically non-existent. Don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions go to the wayside this year! Keep them jotted down, along with their progress and other items in a handy mini journal you can always keep with you.  Their cute, their affordable, and they’ll make sure that your resolutions won’t disappear into the depths of your blackberry or iPhone! My favorite picks?  Check these out:

Aqua Wallflowers Mini Journal, $3.00
picture-2Modern Geometry Mini Journal, $3.00