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Read My Lips

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


Maybe its due to the fact that the economy is a hot mess, but I’ve noticed that the number of people who want Angelina’s lips (by the way of plastic surgery) has decreased and the number of people who want luscious lips incorporated in their attire has increased. Call me crazy, but my life is fashion so I spend time speculating on ridiculous things like this.

The moral of that silliness is plastic surgery is permanent/expensive and fashion is fast/inexpensive (in comparison). Plus, lips are a hot trend in fashion right now. So lets put down the scalpel and get on the lips trend!!

From lips on your clothes to lips on your jewelry –lips are hot, cheeky, and fun. Manhattanite is up on this trend too. My lippy favorites include the oversized lips tee shirt from Wildfox and the kiss jewelry from Jules Smith. Check it …

> Jules Smith Kiss Kiss bracelet in black for $100

> Jules Smith Kiss Kiss necklace in silver (also comes in gold and rose gold) for $125

> Wildfox Glamour Puss Oversized tee in white for $82


Little Black Dresses at 70% Off

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
Authored by: Crosby

Quick history lesson for the fashionable yet uninformed. Most fashion historians point to the year 1926, when a foxy dame named Coco Chanel introduced a simple black sheath dress and women everywhere swooned with delight. Since then, the LBD, (as we modern women women like to abbreviate), has been the subject of many a fashion spread, trend report and even a book or two.

Winter is a great time to stock up on basics, and no item in your closet provides quite the versatility as a black dress. The fun comes in figuring out just how many different looks you can put together – rocker chic with a chain necklace and riding boots? Sleek sophisticate with a pair of deep red patent leather peep-toe pumps? Perhaps world traveler with a pair of espadrilles and floppy hat or workplace glamazon with a blazer and pair of fierce over the knee boots?

Right now, Manhattanite has an amazing selection of LBD’s at over 70% off – here are a few my top steals starting at just $37.


It’s Business Time!

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

The year is coming to an end and everyone is going on vacation (mental vacations count too).  However, if you think about it — it’s already time to get ready for business in new year! Get all your ducks in a row for 2010 by stocking up on some brand new office supplies. Manhattanite has a really nice selection of products for the business savvy chick. I picked out three must-haves that will definitely have a spot on my desk in 2010. Will they be on yours?

1.) Modern Geometry Business Card Holder for $16: This is like a huge step up from an old school Rolodex. Plus, it’s more reliable than solely depending on your computer to hold your contacts. This baby holds up to 130 cards.

2.) Internet Notes Journal for $8: With so many sites and places to belong to on the web, there are bound to be a lot of passwords to go with. This journal will help keep all of your internet secrets intact and in one handy place.

3.) Receiptables for Money for $15: Money, money, money! This little envelope will help you collect every receipt, slip, tag, and ticket that you need to manage your money.

It's Business Time!!!

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Bundle up with Scarves

Sunday, December 13th, 2009
Authored by: FreshJess

It is freezing cold in Seattle. FREEZING. When the wind chill brings the temps down to 13 degrees, I am doing all I can to bundle up and keep warm on my downtown walks to work or running errands. When I’m not wearing a high-neck peacoat, an absolute necessity is a beautiful scarf I can wrap around my neck.

Scarves are my favorite way to add a splash of color and flair to any outfit, whether it’s to keep cozy in the winter or for some added sass in the summertime. Scarves are also the perfect gift for almost anyone on your holiday shopping list, from your mom or sister to your Secret Santa at work!

Here are a few of my favorites from Manhattanite’s current scarf collection:

Scarf Happy

Shop all scarves at Manhattanite here.

Scarf Happy by freshjess

Happy holidays!

Have Your Cake and Wear It Too

Saturday, December 12th, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

cake beauty productsI remember the days when receiving bath gels and other beauty products for Christmas was like the worst thing ever. It was such an impersonal gift and generic gift. That’s probably because back then the selection was so slim (Bath and Body Works, and lame Walmart gifts set were pretty much the norm). These days there are so many great brands and products on the market that anyone would flip over.

Right now I am flipping over Cake. Not the food, although I flip over that too, but the beauty brand. Cake makes some of coolest and most sought after products. Manhattanite has some brand new products that you may just want to give this holiday season, or possibly just get for yourself:

> Cake Satin Sugar Multi-Tasking Must Haves for Darker Hues ($32)

> Cake Satin Sugar Multi-Tasking Must haves for Lighter Hues ($32)

> Cake Winter Wonderlips Limited Edition Lip Gloss Trio ($28)

> Cake Jacky Frost Limited Edition Bath & Shower Bubbles ($24)

Child of the Eighties, Your Spirit Animal Awaits…

Thursday, December 10th, 2009
Authored by: Crosby

Famous female cartoon heroines and their winged steeds? We have Rainbow Brite, of course, who’s white horse with rainbow mane Starlite never missed an opportunity to remind you he was “the most magnificent horse in all of the universe,” and She-Ra, who, by the power of Grayskull, was able to turn her horse Spirit into Swift Wind, a winged unicorn, also known as a Pegasus, like Duh.

If you are anything like me and carry memories of Saturday morning cartoons filled with rainbow belts, gold power boots and a Strawberry Shortcake or two in your nostalgic heart, you desperately need this Pegasus Raglan Tee. Pair it with a pair of dark skinnies like these new high-waisted Anlo’s in Hyperion (ok Hyperion is just begging to be the name of a lost castle in a far-away land, right?), or go all out with lace leggings, petticoat and a pair of engineer boots. Consider this your modern day totem, girls, and set to work bringing color and imagination back into your universe.

Foxy Lady! New Stuff from Wildfox

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


I have recently noticed how necessary cool printed tees and sweatshirts are. I have also noticed the lack of them in my closet. I used to have a bunch them until I went on some crazy tee shirt purge and got rid of them all. So it’s time to replace them. My starting point, is Wildfox.

Wildfox makes fun, contemporary tees and sweatshirts that you can’t help but love. I love the thought of pairing a piece from Wildfox with skinny jeans or even better, sequin jeans. The piece I am flipping out over the most is the sparkly heart sweatshirt. I mean, how cute would that look with short-shorts, and leggings? It would look brilliant actually. Stylishly casual.

With it being holiday time and all, you might want to think about others too (tis the season). Wildfox is one of the few brands that is excellent for gifting. I like to call it a “no-brainer” because its easy to find a size for the recipient and since the tees are epic-ly cute, you know your present is going to make them all glowy and happy.

Shop for Wildfox now>

Manhattanite Turns 2 – Take 30% Off!

Friday, December 4th, 2009
Authored by: Manhattanite

In light of our 2nd anniversary, we’re offering a special 30% off promo which applies to regualar price and sale items (excludes Mackage and pre-orders). Use code: TWOYEAR at checkout between Saturday, December 5 and Monday, December 7. The offer ends at midnight EST on the 7th.


There’s still plenty of time to do your holiday shopping! Check out the new denim from Anlo (the Willa straight leg are a fav), Tolani’s newest scarves and other apparel and accessories in our new arrivals.

A Case of The Navy Blues

Friday, December 4th, 2009
Authored by: Crosby

For the longest time navy reminded me of the perfume advertised in my YM Magazine. It meant preppy, it was the color of my elementary school uniforms, especially those scratchy cardigan sweaters. I believed that you either chose brown, gray, blue or black as your anchor color, and never should the twine intersect (except for gray and black, of course – what would life be without black and gray). I never was a blue girl, never chose blue as a wall color, have never driven a blue car (pickle green yes, but never blue) and until recently, have really only considered the color when pulling out the frosty blue eyeshadow to wear to an eighties party.

Recently however, blue has seemed almost a bit subversive – to choose navy over black, or any shade of blue over my beloved red and pink –  it’s sacrilege! Given the thrill of breaking my own rules, I’ve picked out a few Manhattanite pieces that I’m sure will help me ease into the blues this winter.

Holiday Blues

Pleasure Doing Business (With You)

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah


In the words of Mugatu (from Zoolander), Pleasure Doing Business “is so hot right now”. They really are. Everyone and their mama in Hollywood has one of their skirts and everyone else in the world wants one. We can’t say that everyone is wrong for wanting or having one because their skirts truly are spectacular. They are super stylish to look at it, and they also suck it all in — perfect for looking sexy with a few extra holiday pounds floating around the backside.Oh and did I mention the price? It’s not too bad. The prices for the skirts are between $88 and $135 on Manhattanite.

The great thing about these affordable skirts is that you can dress them up or down. So versatile. Check out some celebrity inspiration (pictured above) and then get to shopping for one before they run out!! They are currently available for pre-order and will be shipped on Dec. 15th.