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Seeing Red

Saturday, August 29th, 2009
Authored by: FashionPulse

It’s no major surprise that designers have rekindled a rather strong love affair with the color red, and aren’t afraid to emblazon dresses, blouses, shoes, and bags with the eye-catching color. The fall runways of Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Nanette Lepore, and Prada certainly showed their allegiance to the bright hue, and now its your turn to make a statement in the fabulous shade!


250ccf9af816478728018ee8a388f50bimage262x350From burnt orange hues to crimson, there’s a shade out there to suit everyone’s fancy.  We’re smitten with this new Manhattanite arrival, the Amanda Uprichard Strap Back Dress in Red and the incredibly versatile B-Low the Belt Kimono in Red. Speaking of accessories, you won’t want to miss the 80s-inspired Head Dress NY Ultra Suede Knot Headband in Red — this is one know you’ll definitely want to have in your hair!  You always have the option to cater to the color’s casual side; going for a soft, jersey tee always works, and a great pick is the Three Dots 3/4 Sleeve Scoop Neck Top in Pomegranate. Now that you’ve got one of fall’s top colors on your radar, it’s time to get your perfect red go-to item!

Save Yourself with Sole Stopperz

Thursday, August 27th, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

I have two pairs of shoes that are absolute death traps. Seriously, those shoes are so slippery that I am a danger to myself and others when I wear them. I have tried to “scuff” them up by rapidly sliding my feet back and forth on the sidewalk, but nothing — still slippery. I have actually had a few embarrassing falls because of this problem.


That problem is now a problem of the past thanks to this magnificent invention called Sole Stopperz … Excuse me, I am having a ‘why didn’t I think of that’ moment right now. Anyway, this $7 shoe sticker can seriously save your behind from injury and embarrassment. Just stick it on the sole of your shoe and go.

Genius I tells ya, genius!

Shopping Guide to Wearing Bunnies and Hearts for Kind of Grown Ups

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
Authored by: Crosby


Having recently entered into my third decade, I have been surprised by the little Hello Kitty alarm clock sounding off in my head as I routinely gravitate toward the cute, the over the top hearts, the unicorn hoodie and wonder, seriously, am I too old to wear this stuff? Even if Vogue says women over 25 shouldn’t wear anything above the knee,  in my heart of hearts I believe we women should wear whatever we want whenever we want (assuming we wear it right haha). That said, I am slightly terrified of becoming one of those women who just stopped adjusting her wardrobe and is stuck in baby-tees and LEI jeans because that is what was cool when she was in high school. I don’t think I am at any serious risk for this, but let’s face it, I have a thing for knee socks and petticoats. And I am thirty.

If you are similarly afflicted with a penchant for glitter, red patent leather Mary Janes, and remember when inflatable furniture was cool, here are a few style tips I am working on as I feel this all out- it’s definitely a work in progress.

  • Tone down those pink tights with the red glitter hearts by wearing something basic (and black), preferably long-sleeved and to the knee.
  • Instead of wearing the triple heart barrettes, consider a statement ring. I found a big, plastic white heart ring that does just the trick.
  • Don’t interpret the whole Strawberry Shortcake and ponies thing quite so literally. Look for the barest of  details – a bit of lace here, a velvet ribbon trim there is less…it’s severe while still hearkening back to your Jem and the Hologram roots.
  • Man up – offsetting a really feminine piece with something bold and masculine like a pair of wide legged trousers or a blazer turns girly into almost unintentionally seductive. almost.


I really love this Lolita bunny t-shirt because I think it accomplishes the cute while still being completely wearable by women of many ages. Paired with the super cute (couldn’t resist) Siwy jeans, I could wear this on the weekend like hearts and bunnies are no big thing. What do you think?

Ending Summer…

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
Authored by: Jennine

In a few months you’ll be wearing this… or something like it…


Image by karpov the wrecked train

Shopping this time of year is tricky. Of course, it’s officially ‘Back to School’ season, so we’re hardwired to pick out our clothes for the year around now. But oddly enough, it’s still hot out! And September, as beautiful as it is, is no ice fest either… so what do you wear? I am a huge fan of layering, particularly in the Autumn months when layering makes sense. It’s also a great season because it’s not so extreme as Summer and Winter. One of my favorite things to do is to layer a frilly dress with opaque tights, and cotton jersey shirts underneath…  Here are some pieces that will look great layered when the Autumnal winds start blowing in…summertransition

  • The Amanda Uprichard Penny Dress: The perfect dress to wear with a blazer all year round, and that happy blue will cheer you up on the gloomiest of days.
  • The Anlo Felicity Dress: We tend to think of oranges and browns in Autumn, but purple is a great compliment to the seasonal color scheme.
  • The Anlo Silk Romper: This is romper is an ideal candidate for layering up, with a blazer, a cardigan, a light-weight sweater underneath… there is just so much versatility with this!

Here’s an example of one of my favorite silk dresses that I wear all year around…


How do you cope with the summer-fall transition?

Summer Dressing

Monday, August 24th, 2009
Authored by: The Daily Obsession

Summer may technically be on its way out, but here in New York, the weather just started getting (too) warm!  For us, we get lucky with nice summery weather until late September with many local vacation spots such as the Hamptons and Nantucket still active well into the first month of fall.

When it comes to summer, the best casual chic item to wear is the dress.  Judging from New York street style, maxi dresses are still popular as ever!  I’ve actually picked up a few different styles of maxis from the every popular empire waist to dressier cinched-at-the waist styles.  And when the weather turns, these dresses will make great resort wear even at the most glamorous beaches.  The best part is- with these dresses- no heels needed! Maxi dresses look best with a casual sandal or flip flop.


Gypsy 05 Organic Maxi Dress in Plum is probably one of my favorites in terms of simple elegance and color.  Priced at $100, it’s also very accessible for all budgets and made of organic cotton to boot! I’m definitely picking one up.


Sweetees Bramble Maxi Dress in Peach has a lot of Southern charm. I love the silk floral print and the beautiful ruffles on the bottom makes me want to take it out for a spin.


I love that the Va Va by Joy Han Tulle Maxi Dress in Pale Blue has sleeve, making it a very pretty, vintagey- romantic piece perfect for wearing to a weekend lawn party or polo match.


And of course, I can’t resist something on sale! I particularly love this Scoop Beach Signature Beach Dress in Silver Lurex Ikat Print for its gorgeous print and timeless style.

Zip it Up and Zip it Out!

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Authored by: Lauren Messiah

Any Dave Chappelle fans out there? For those of you who are fans, you understood the title of this post and maybe even laughed a little. For those who didn’t get it … Who cares! The real focus here is this amazing bag by JJ Winters (as seen on stars like Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton, Blake Lively, Miley Cyrus, Sienna Miller and Lindsay Lohan.)


This zippered hobo combines the softness of suede with the edginess of exposed zippers (and lots of em.) Of course the zippers aren’t completely functional, but really what is truly functional when it comes to fashion? Don’t answer that. The zipper trend doesn’t end at this bag for fall 09.  You will be seeing zippers on jewelry, jeans and pants, dresses and more. In fact, I did a little trend alert about zippers a few months back.

So, if you are convinced of the trend and this bag, but are unsure of how to wear it … check out this outfit idea:


Leather jacket by Mackage

Dress by Lauren Moshi

Bracelet by Vita Chiave

Come As You Are

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Authored by: rebel_chic

It is no doubt that 90s grunge is back in full-force! Just check out the current collections from Dsquared to Alexander Wang, the influence of grunge is everywhere! Looking unkept yet nonchalant is the general aesthetic of grunge which makes the look dead-easy to achieve.

Here is an easy grunge-inspired look that would work well on casual fridays.


As it is only an inspired look, I’ve chosen some cool purple jeans by Blank Denim with studs to update the grunge look with some colour. The Fluxus Bias Wrap Cardigan in heather grey would not only make a great wardrobe essential but is a great lazy piece to slouch around in, going well with Astars Faded Black with Worn-out Print Shirt which has a great relaxed fit. And don’t forget to roll up your cardigan sleeves to reveal this gorgeous Swarovski studded Pyramid stud bracelet by CC Skye.

Now, grab your old Doc Martens or Chuck Taylors and you’re ready to roll!

Ravenous for Ruffles

Thursday, August 20th, 2009
Authored by: Ashe Mischief

One trend I simply cannot get over is my love of ruffles.  Maybe it’s the super femme side of me, but they’re sophisticated, sexy, sweet, and sassy– all in one delicate detail.  And because I’m no fool, I always love to try & get great pieces when they’re on sale. It makes them that much more satisfying.


This Amanda Uprichard dress satiates my desires. To play down the girliness, I think it’d be fun with this Lauren Moshi headband.


It baffles me that jewel tones fall in and out of season. They’re flattering on so many skin tones, go great throughout the seasons, and this Fluxus dress falls through all the seasons. (And because I’m SO crazed about Lauren Moshi’s headbands, I’d pair this dress with this lush purple one.) Add in some great Oh Deer! pumps and you’re set for so many occasions.

Winner of $200 e-Gift Certificate!

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
Authored by: Manhattanite

Congrats to Kate Neschke (@_Kateness on Twitter) from Seattle for winning the $200 e-gift certificate to Manhattanite! Here’s her lovely picture:


Kate has her eye on the Mackage Juju-V Coat, one of our favs and a great investment heading into fall. It’s on sale along with a variety of other great wardrobe staples. Check out the lastest additions here!

We had over 80 entries and used a number randomizer to select the winner (sounds geeky, but way easier than ripping up little pieces of paper and drawing from a hat). :) Thanks to all who entered and stay tuned for more contests and promotions!

Safe Sale Picks

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009
Authored by: rebel_chic


We tend to impulse buy when it comes to sales, don’t we? Remember nabbing something that you didn’t really like that much but bought it anyway because it was available at a generous discount? I know I have which is why I am pleasantly surprised at some of the gems I’ve found on the Manhattanite sale.

One thing I’ve learnt from experience is that, sales are the best time to buy quality simple pieces. You will find that you get even more value out of what you pick up if the pieces compliment what you already have.

1. Siwy Kate High-Waisted Jeans in Jet

High waisted jeans can be tricky as we all know but a black pair like these from Siwy is much more forgiving than the usual coloured versions.

2. Lauren Moshi Dream Catcher Hoodie in Carbon

A soft modal-mix hoodie is always a good staple to keep and an interesting contrast piece to a simple LBD.

3. CC Skye Lucy Bag in Black

I love this classic patent leather bowler bag which goes with anything! Its also carried by celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel!

4. Vita Milano Bracelet in Peach

Chain accessories combined with leather will never go out of date thanks to Coco Chanel. Instead of the usual black & white leather paired with gold chains, you get this refreshing peach version which stands out especially when worn with dark colours.

So, what’s your favourite sale pick from Manhattanite so far? Share it with me!