An Introduction to Crosby of PR Couture

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
Authored by: Crosby

Hello lovelies! My name is Crosby and I am the founder of PR Couture, a little ditty of a blog that focuses on the fashion PR niche. As a more trade blog, I am thrilled to be fashion blogging for Manhattanite and diving into the clothes (and not just the PR behind the clothes!).

I am a collector – postcards, fortunes, fabric, photographs, unicorns, black flats – and I love putting these images around my house, stuffed into books to be found later, incorporated into gifts or art. I tend to be drawn toward the the pretty, romantic, sometimes cynical and a bit dark. It’s no surprise then, with the early summer upon us, and June Gloom descended upon San Diego, that I sought out the Sofia Coppola film Virgin Suicides for fashion inspiration.

I know we are all being fed 90’s grunge-land, but for summer I love the idea of 1970’s style white dresses, hints of pink and a flower or two. After taking a look at a few delicious shots of Ms. Dunst, I couldn’t resist the Va Va by Joy Han Daisy Dress in White. Perhaps the clothes themselves are so pure to create contrast and intrigue when we figure out just how complex the girl is who wears them?

Virgin Suicides Fashion Romancin
Virgin Suicides Fashion Romancin by prcouture

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